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LGV Trainers are the ONLY Northampton based training school to offer onsite LGV & Driver CPC Practical Testing


LGV Trainers customers benefit by ;

  • Having access to a more efficient and local delivery of licence acquisition tests
  • Reduced journey times, meaning more training and preparation time
  • An expected increase in pass rates through enjoying a more familiar Testing Centre, since the site you train on is the same as the site you are tested on! As are the vehicles
  • A more enjoyable experience overall,  reducing the emotional build up that many of us suffer from prior to any test
  • Access to a well maintained and protected site from the notorious bad winter weather in the UK
  • Being reliable in all conditions with surfaces being maintained ensuring the facility is not affected by ice, snow etc.
  • Direct access to the familiar test routes of Northampton
  • No additional costs

Our Test Facility is an exclusively operated site, being used by LGV Trainers instructors and our customers ONLY (No other training companies have use of our facility).

For further information or to book a training course and test please call 01604 250045 at anytime (7 days)

IMG_0322test facility sign


Fresh Livery

Recently completed bodywork refurbishment and livery for the LGV Trainers DAF 65, with the 40 foot box trailer due to be completed this week, to complete the new fleet livery for the company.

Bodywork by Ray Mace, Automotive Body Services Ltd, Northampton – 01604 763100

Livery by Charles Frost Signs & Design, Northampton, 07917 756068

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