Can I take the test modules in any order ?

In short, no.  Here is the right order in which to sit your tests:

You must pass module 1 (theory tests) before you take module 3 (practical test).

You must pass module module 2 (DCPC case studies) before you take module 4 (DCPC Practical).

You can take modules 1 & 2, or modules 3 & 4 in any order.

If you do not intend to drive an LGV commercially or for hire or reward, you do not need to take modules 2 or 4.

What is LGV Category C+E & how much does it cost?

A Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) that is over 7.5 tonne combined with a trailer over 750kg. Commonly referred to as the ‘old HGV Class 1’ or ‘Artic Licence’.

From £1090.00 and again, subject to and including assessment drive, 5-day practical course & prctical test (includes VAT).

What is LGV Category C, how much does it cost & what do I get for my money?

It refers to a Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) over 7.5 tonne and of rigid body design. Commonly referred to as the ‘old HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Class 2’.

From £1090.00 subject to (and including) assessment drive. Includes a full 5-day practical course, test & vat,

Adidtional Costs:

  • Medical exam – £58.75
  • Theory tests x2 – £35.00 +£15.00
  • Revision literature for theory test – £49.99 (50% refund upon return) 

You must pass your Category C practical test before progressing to Category C+E.

I want to drive a vehicle that is over 3.5 tonne, what licence do I need?

If you are aged 18 or over, you will need to pass your Category C1 or LGV C test. This mirrors the LGV Category course & test structure (please see below). Recently, change in legslation now allows customers at the age of 18 to go directly to LGV Category C with no need to sit the sub-category C1 test. 

Reasons for not sitting the LGV C test over and above the sub category may be one of many:

  • No reason to be licencd to drive a vehicle above 7.5 tonne
  • Your driving experience, having to deal with a much lager vehicle and 8 speed gearbox
  • Personal preference
  • Insurance may not consider you to be experienced enough to grant sensible premiums/excesses

Reasons to sit the LGV C test over and above sub category may be:

  • Bypass C1 test is more cost effective if you do require LGV C at a later date
  • The tests are exactly the same, as is the cost (dependant on personal ability)
  • Greater opporutinity of employment
  • 1 step closer to gaining full LGV C+E entitlement, and for less £s

I hold a normal car licence (Category B) obtained after Jan 1997 and want to tow a trailer behind my car or van legally, how?

You can drive a motor vehicle with a gross weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes with a trailer up to 750kg. To tow a trailer greater than 750kg, the gross weight of the trailer must not exceed the unladen mass of the actual towing vehicle nor exceed 3.5 tonne combination weight.

Should your requirement exceed the above constraints, you must pass the DSA category B+E driving test. You will not need to sit a further theory test or medical. You will then be entitled to drive gross weight vehicle & trailer combinations of more than 3.5 tonne.