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I want to drive a vehicle that is over 3.5 tonne, what licence do I need?

Category: FAQ | 06.12.09 |

If you are aged 18 or over, you will need to pass your Category C1 or LGV C test. This mirrors the LGV Category course & test structure (please see below). Recently, change in legslation now allows customers at the age of 18 to go directly to LGV Category C with no need to sit the sub-category C1 test. 

Reasons for not sitting the LGV C test over and above the sub category may be one of many:

  • No reason to be licencd to drive a vehicle above 7.5 tonne
  • Your driving experience, having to deal with a much lager vehicle and 8 speed gearbox
  • Personal preference
  • Insurance may not consider you to be experienced enough to grant sensible premiums/excesses

Reasons to sit the LGV C test over and above sub category may be:

  • Bypass C1 test is more cost effective if you do require LGV C at a later date
  • The tests are exactly the same, as is the cost (dependant on personal ability)
  • Greater opporutinity of employment
  • 1 step closer to gaining full LGV C+E entitlement, and for less £s
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