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DSA Module 3 – Practical Driving Test – £115.00

Category: DSA Modules, DSA Tests, LGV Trainers | 19.01.10 |

LGV Trainers use local the DSA Test Centre at Weedon, Northants for all practical test appointments.

We have detailed below the elements of the test to give you an idea of what to expect and help you understand the need of such intensive training courses prior to sitting your test and the financial investment you are considering making.

The test involves:

  • Questions from the ‘show me tell me’ list
  • Off-road reversing exercise
  • Off-road braking exercise
  • Actual on-road driving for a minimum of 1 hour, with the examiner testing your ability to drive safe and well controlled, well planned manner, due regard to other road users and fuel economy (eco-safe driving)
  • Uncoupling & recoupling exercise (dependant upon vehicle combination)

We have the facility of being able to book test appointments up to 10 weeks in advance and have daily access to short notice slots also.  It is always with our best intentions to accomodate your availability, ensuring minimal disruption of your lifestyle.

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