Driver CPC – The Facts

Achieving and maintaining your Driver CPC

The aim of Driver CPC is to improve the skills and knowledge of all LGV drivers throughout their working lives.

The Directive comes in 2 formats:

1. Initial Qualification:

From 10th September 2009 all applicants wishing to obtain LGV status (categories C1, C1+E, C, C+E) and use the licence on a commercial basis, will be required to complete training and 2 modular exams (modules 2 & 4) to acheive Driver CPC ‘Initial Qualification’.

2. Periodic Training:

Between 10th September 2009 and 10th September 2014 all current  drivers who drive professionally are required to complete 35 hours (5 days) of training. This 5 days can be spread over the five years i.e. 1 day/7 hour course  each year

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Periodic Training

On 10th September 2009 all existing Commercial LGV drivers gained their Driver CPC (DCPC). However, in order to keep their DCPC after 9th Sepember 2014, and continue to drive professionally for the next five years after this date, they must have completed 35 hours of approved periodic training before this deadline.  This “Approved Periodic Training” can only be delivered by organisations and training providers approved by the Joint Approvals Unit Periodic Training (JAUPT). LGV Trainers is an approved training provider.

These deadlines may seem a long way off, and many of you may feel that there are far more pressing things to consider before, but this is not something that can be postponed or dealt with at the last minute.


Well in order to keep Britain’s road transport fleet moving, around 2.6 million man days of approved training must be delivered by September 2014. It is estimated that it will only take half of the driving population to remain untrained at the start of 2013 and JAUPT’s approved trainers will simply not have the capacity to cope with the demand. If an LGV driver does not have a valid record card after the deadline of 9th September 2014 they cannot drive any vehicle over 3.5 tonnes professionally.

Start Planning Ahead

You can telephone any approved centre for advice on your planning. Most centres, including LGV Trainers, will recommend you start planning seven hours of DCPC periodic training per driver, per year. The benefits of this are as follows:-

  • Better cashflow.
  • The training and business benefits will remain current and specific to the needs of your business.
  • This helps protect the driver from poachers.
  • Reduced turnover of staff. Staff will have to be with your company for the full five years to get fully qualified and keep their DCPC.

Initial Driver CPC

If you wish to obtain you LGV category C licence and already hold category C1 (7.5 tonne entitlement, gained prior to 10th September 2009, you will not be required to sit the Initial Qualification modules.  You will still, of course, be required to complete Periodic Training, if using your licence on commercial basis.

To become a commercial driver and successfully gain the DRIVER CPC qualification, must pass the following 4 modules:

  • Module 1. Theory and Hazard Awareness test. 100 multicple choice question and 19 hazard perception clips.  LGV Trainers can provide you with suitable DSA literature to prepare for this module.
  • Module 2. Case study questions and answers. The candidate will be shown case studies and then asked questions about them.  LGV Trainers can organise suitable classroom, practical training and literature to prepare you for this module.
  • Module 3. Practical Driving Test.
  • Module 4. Show me, tell me questions. The candidate will be asked questions about certain topics such as load restraints and asked to demonstrate their knowledge e.g. using a ratchet strap they must show the examiner how it works and how they would use it to secure a load.  Again, LGV Trainers can organise sessions to prepare you for this module.
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